Utensili per i corsi · Colori & Accessori

Color list Schmincke Horadam® Aquarell

Titanium opaque102 
Neutral tint (black)782 
Scarlet red363 
Cadmium red light349 
Translucent orange218 
Indian yellow220 
Jaune brilliant dark221 
Lemon yellow215 
Yellow ochre655 
Burnt Sienna661 
Burnt umber668 
Vandyke brown669 
Mountain blue480 
Ultramarine blue496 
Ultramarine violet495 
Cobalt green turquoise510 
Phthalo green519 
May green524 
Olive green yellowish525 
Download list of utensils (pdf Document, 37 KB)
Download list of colors (pdf Document, 32 KB)


Poplar or birch boards 50 x 37 cm, glued, thickness 8-10 mm3-4 pcs.
Sheets Ingres paper 100 g white5-10
Water cup (plastic) + 1 atomizer for water1
Sketchbook (palm size)1
Plasticine (eraser)1
Soft pencils1-2
Towels, 1 small sponge, 1 sponge clothmisc.
Pipettes (large)2
Toothbrush (hard or medium soft)1
Splash shield (large pores)1
Art masking fluid of Windsor and Newton1
Drawing ink of Rohrer + Klinger, white, phthalo-blue, sienna, ochre, golden yellow1


Da Vinci Nr. 7 - Maestro Tobolsky-Kolinsky 35 Germany1
Da Vinci Nr. 30 - Cosmotop (Flachpinsel / Katzenzungenform spitz)1
Da Vinci Nr. 12 - Cosmotop (Katzenzungenform spitz)1
Da Vinci Top Acryl 7185 Size 81


Titanium opaquewhite
Neutral tintblack
Lemon yellow, Indian yellow, Yellow ochre, Jaune brillantyellow
Scarlet red, Burnt Sienna, Indian red, Purple-Magenta, Translucent orangered
Vandyke brown, Burnt umberbrown
Mountain blue, Ultramarine blue, Ultramarine violet, Cobalt green turquoise, Indigoblue
Phthalo green, May greengreen
Please use large bowls!!!! (of Fa. Schminke)

Painting outdoors

Stool (Folding Chair)1
Plastic water bottle (1 l)1
Headgear (sun)1
Sturdy shoes1 pair
Gel pens black and white of Faber Castell
Aero Color 28101 supra white opaque of Schminke1