Preparativi per i corsi · Utensili & Lavori


  • Wallpaper paste (Metylan normal)
  • 100g INGRES-paper of Hahnemühle
    (sheets 48 x 62,5 cm)
  • ¼l water
  • Several poplar boards 50 x 37 cm,
    mind. 8-10 mm thick, glued
  • All figures for painting on 100g INGRES-paper white
  • Download workshop preparation (pdf Document, 30 KB)

Preparation works

  1. Cut the paper so that the measures are 31.5 x 45.5...
  2. Stir 1 small teaspoon of "Metylan" wallpaper paste in ¼l water, after ¼ hour stir again carefully and finished!
  3. If the wood panel is new, brush it with paste for the first time and let dry before it is covered with INGRES paper!
    Now brush the paper with a broad brush on one side thoroughly, then leave for a few minutes. If necessary, brush once again.
    Thereafter stick the sheet to the plate and spread from the center of the sheet outwards (with a clean cloth or brush) until no more bubbles remain in between. Please stick on both sides of the plate (otherwise it may occur that the plate bends).
  4. A few minutes after pasting up the paper can even be painted on.
  5. The final image can be taken down only if it is "dust-dry". If necessary dry with a hair dryer. Detach the paper at the corners with a knife and remove it from the panel.
  6. The thin watercolor now needs to be highlighted with a 100% white paper (Bristol board), which is 3-4 cm larger than the image.
    We take a photo glue or rubber cement and give a drop left and right (possibly top and bottom) on the painted picture and stick this on the Bristol board.
  7. Now the image can be furnished with a 8-10 cm wide passepartout in such a way that the white backing paper is still visible around ½ cm
  8. Now the painting can be framed.